Our salt cave is designed to support relaxation and general well being. The walls and floor are covered with Himalayan crystal salt. In the dimly lit salt cave you will receive a passive treatment session as you  sit in zero gravity chairs.  You will be lulled into relaxation by listening to peaceful music composed especially for our cave.

The lighting in the cave also has therapeutic properties.

Because of the unique healing power, salt caves have become more and more popular and are especially attractive for people who live in big cities and towns, as well as inhabitants of the plains and mountains. People all over the world are seeking salt caves for treatment, for rehabilitation and for relaxation in attractive and healthy environments.


salt cave in Bismarck North Dakota


The ocean is far away from ND and our busy lives don’t allow us to go there for longer periods of time, and it is fairly expensive. Therefore the salt cave will bring many people seeking therapeutic opportunities, closer to home and cheaper.

In our salt cave one session will last 45 minutes. One 45 minute session in salt cave is equivalent to three days spent at the seaside.

Once you spend a wonderful time in our salt cave, you are most welcome to purchase products we

offer in our retail shop.