Here at the Salt Cave we carry the largest variety of, high quality, deep mined, Himalayan Salt products in the State.  All of our products come directly from the Himalayan Mountain Range.  We take pride in the quality of our products, and do our best to get you the highest quality product, at the lowest price. 


Below you will find a list of some of our products and their benefits to allow you to make the best informed decision for your home and health.



Salt Lamps


Himalayan Salt lamps aren’t just pretty, they are beneficial too.  Himalayan Salt lamps produce negative ions. 

+Positive ions are responsible for lowering your body’s ability to digest food properly, it lowers your body’s immune system, interrupts your sleep and physically puts you in a bad mood! 

-Himalayan Salt lamps with their negative ions on the other hand, bluster your immune system, allow your body to properly digest its food, put you in a happier mood, sterilize the air and allow you to get a proper night sleep.



Edible Products


Salt grinders, coarse and fine grind refills


Have you been told that salt isn’t good for you and that you need to watch your salt intake?  Most of us have, however, that advice applies to the white table salt that has been heavily processed and bleached to eliminate minerals. White table salt is bad for you.  Did you know that salt, when left in its natural state, is not only good for your health, but that the minerals found inside it are necessary to your body’s health? Himalayan Salt is rich in 84 different minerals and elements.


Mortar and pestle, shot glasses, bowls and dishes


Whether you are using salt to cook with, prepare your food, or just to serve on, you will find that you don’t need as many seasonings to help your food taste amazing. 


Cooking/serving salt tiles


Himalayan Salt tiles can be one of the funnest and safest ways to cook these days.  They are used by best chefs all over the world. Himalayan Salt is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal.  What does this meant to you?  If you are like most you don’t just eat one item for a meal, that means lots of dishes to prep your food and then to cook with so you don’t have cross contamination issues.  Cooking with a salt tile eliminates that concern.  Now you can cook your fish, veggies, pork, chicken, and beef all at the same time and on the same tile!   How does this work?  The natural properties of the salt tile maintain a sterile surface for you to cook on no matter what you are cooking! 

Salt tiles are not for cooking alone. You can also put you tile in the fridge or freezer, now you can keep your meats, cheeses, sushi, fruits or even chocolate chilled and sanitary for hours during your party!



Bath and Body Products


Bath salts (unscented and lavender), exfoliating bars, deodorant eggs,

lemongrass body scrubs and soap bars


Have you ever used Epsom salt in a bath to relax and reduce inflammation? Himalayan Salt has a naturally occurring

anti-inflammatory properties but also contains many more minerals that assist in the natural healing processes of your body.  So fill a tub, add some Himalayan Salt, sit back, relax, and feel better!


Dry salt inhalers, salt pillows (hot/cold pack), massage balls and rollers and detox stones


The healing power of Himalayan Salt was first brought to the world stage for its respiratory benefits.  We now know that its health benefits extend well beyond the respiratory tract but there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics. 

Every time the salt comes into contact with your skin you are being infused with its many minerals.  Turn a massage from great into amazing using Himalayan Salt massage balls!


Arthritis?  Aching joints?  Salt Pillow!  Did you know that Himalayan Salt contains gold?  Gold works as a natural inhibitor against arthritis by stopping it from attacking your joints.


Do you have sore feet, ankles, and knees at the end of your day?  Most pain in the lower joints is caused by toxin build up.

We all need to detox, but did you know that the toxins in your body settle in your feet?  That means one of the easiest ways to detox is through your feet.