Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I wear for a “Salt Cave” session?


A: We do require you to wear white socks in the cave, yes they can have a logo on them, but absolutely no color on the bottom (this is to maintain the purity of the salt that you will be walking on).  We want you to be comfortable, so whatever you are most capable of relaxing in. 



Q: Can I bring my cell phone in the cave? (or any other electronic devices)

A: We request that you do not enter the cave with any electronics for several reasons.  Electronic devices such as phones or tablets can be distracting or even disturb others that are wanting to relax in the cave.  We ask that you respect the other people in the cave and do not disrupt their relaxation.  If you take your phone or any other electronics into the cave they may be damaged by the salt and we will NOT accept any responsibility for damage to your personal devices.



Q: Can I bring food or water with me into the cave?


A: As water and other food particles will disrupt the micro environment in the cave or cause damage to the cave we do not allow food or beverages in the cave.  We do provide water in the lobby free of charge if you are feeling thirsty after your cave session.



Q: Is the salt cave safe for anyone?


A: Yes it is safe, salt is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.  It is safe for children, pregnant/ nursing women, and anyone on medications. However, if you have any serious medical issues/ conditions we recommend talking to your doctor first. 



Q: If someone is sick and I am in a session with them will I get sick?


A: Salt is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.  While in the salt cave you are in a micro-climate due to the nature of the salt that helps fighting the bacteria and viruses.

Q: What is the temperature in the salt cave?


A: The ambient temperature is kept at 71 degrees and the floor is heated.

We also provide blankets in the cave if you get chilled.



Q: Do you accept walk-ins or are appointments required?


A: We do accept walk-ins but prefer appointments.  As the cave only fits ten people we recommend that you call in advance and set up an appointment to ensure that you can get into the cave at your desired time.