Our Salt Cave Etiquette


Salt Cave is the place of tranquility, quietness and relaxation


  • every session starts at the top of the hour and lasts 45 minutes

  • please arrive 5-10 minutes early

  • please have clean white socks with - no shoes or boots are allowed in the salt cave due to the purity of the salt; if you don't have them, you can purchase them in our reception area

  • please switch all the electronic devices off

  • please kindly keep quiet

  • food and drinks are not allowed

  • wear comfortable clothes; if you get cold, you are welcome to use the provided blankets

  • please do not touch walls or throw the salt

  • avoid using perfumes or any other fragrances before the session

  • children under 12 years old must be with an adult guardian only

  • don't leave the cave during the session unless it is an emergency; then if for some reason you feel uncomfortable during the session, quietly leave the cave not disturbing others

  • don't leave any valuables in the Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center as we will not be responsible for any stolen or lost items